Just an aspiring writer. A writer obsessed with creating fictional characters, but not fictional writers. I’m not a writer writer; merely a writer wishing to share his knowledge with the world of aspiring writers, however miniscule you may find my writing to be. Characters will be the writer’s focus of this writing blog. Detail is key for a writer, and I’ll show you a preview of my not written, but typed character style in order to show you how I do things, the writer way.

No, not the writer writer way.

Name : Thanatos Lamia
Nickname : The Galvanised God of Fulmination
Quote: “This isn’t how I want it to be… I’d never even thought those things I said would have you hiding from me… Come back to me, Ellie, It’s so hard to keep sane without you…”
Age: 15
Height: 5’3
Hair: Light brown. Infused with purple electricity. Comes down a little past his shoulders. Fluffy and soft to the touch.
Eye colour: Purple
Choice of clothing: Purple shirt with a strange logo. Black jeans with a small chain on the left side. Black trainers that create a purple spark with each footstep and small black socks.
Personality : Cold-hearted, straight-to-the-point speaker. Shy but confident, intelligent, and disregards friendship.
Likes : Creative people, reading and writing, music.
Dislikes : Violence; remembering his past, intelligence.
Most relatable virtue : Temperance (Self-restraint)
Most relatable sin : Wrath (Anger)
Weapon of choice: Electrically imbued scythe (Harbinger of Eternal Slumber). His ability to summon lightning and move objects with his mind.
Combat style : Much less devious than he once was, Thanatos uses his mind to hold his foes in place, and quarters them with his scythe. He screams loudly to summon his lightning, which comes in handy when trying to make a kill look cool, or to electrify his opponents. Each death brings back a little shard of his memory.
Spirit animal: Swan
Backstory: Freed from his curse by the victims of his wrath, Thanatos Lamia finds himself back in the real world, though without a memory of anything that didn’t happen in Nagasaki Academy of Arts. He has become separated from his girlfriend, Elena Himiko,
after a dispute between them that seemed only minor, though Thanatos has become consumed with guilt. His anger often spirals out of control, though everyone is used to it, so a loud scream and intense purple lightning is never unheard of in his school.
Although the teachers try to comfort him, one going as far to call in a psychiatrist to soothe his mind, he knew that they didn’t care or believe him. Who would? After scaring an old woman into giving up her flat for him, he now lives alone, afraid of those he once trusted, though he will go out into public on a regular basis. Occasionally, he will remember small fragments of his past, and can piece some of these together to get a greater picture of his previous life; how he achieves this is unclear to him, and he intends to find out how. For the sake of his lost love…
It may be a slow descent for this aspiring writer, but other writers, and maybe even writer writers will support this writer’s blog.


To the writers here, the word writer has lost all meaning.

Enquiries : eternal.mantis@gmail.com



3 thoughts on “About

  1. My pleasure….I am really glad I could give you some encouragement…I meant every word 🙂 And, thank you for the wonderful compliment–it’s great to hear someone else’s perspective, and to know that my writing comes across as authentic–you’re right, it is from the heart. And thank you for following me…I’m following you 🙂
    Truly (that’s actually my first name).


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