Keeping it even… for now.

Because I’m just starting out, I intend to keep some sort of balance between character plots, storyline ideas and anything else. So I’ll bring you the first idea for developing a story now; the scales will tip later on.

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The first of many.

The time has come for my advice to descend upon this blog. I’m confident this will have some usefulness to people visiting here, and I’m eager to kick this blog off for real. So without further delay:

Tip of today’s post: Take inspiration from the traits of yourself or your peers.

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First impressions…

Are indeed the most important. Especially considering the, what, three or four of you viewing this are incapable of seeing and recognising me in person. So I’ll clarify a few things before I dive right into giving out random advice to you:

  1. I’m here to disclose, what I feel, is useful advice for the creation of: characters, places, and plotting of storylines. I’d appreciate even a minimal amount of respect if you think my advice sucks.
  2. I will not guarantee you will become a millionaire through the success of story-writing simply from reading my tips. I, currently, am not a millionaire, and hope for you to be as successful as possible.
  3. Various things in my character bios will suggest I’m religious. I’m atheist.
  4. Nor am I that person who obsesses over love stories, though my bios may suggest this too. An even balance is always good.
  5. The most important one. Your opinion is appreciated, so comments are, in turn, appreciated. Comma splices, however, are not.

I’ll stop. Perhaps this will be a weekly post. Or not, I could become obsessed with blogging. Who knows? I may even just be talking to myself for the next few years. Popularity is overrated.