What did you just say?!

At some point in our lives we’re bound to offend someone, no matter how careful we are. Something we say, something we do, even just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can change people’s perspectives of us completely. How you deal with the criticism is the true way they should define you, in my opinion. Anyway…

Tip of today’s post: Controversy can be your best friend.

Don’t be afraid to make a character or storyline controversial just because you’re worried about what some critic has to say. Controversial topic make for the greatest speeches, poems, TV shows, and even character concepts, purely because many people can relate to them, and have a definite judgement on the subject too.

While this not only ensures the reader’s eyes are wide open, it also gives you a chance to add personal meaning to your novel that packs a powerful punch; You’re most likely passionate about the topic you’ve chosen, and being passionate generally inspires you to do your best in telling others what you think of the subject.

For instance, try creating a scene in which a character is sentenced to death for the murder of a hardened criminal. While the murderer has evidently done good for their people, perhaps saving the life of the very executioner him/herself, they’ve still broken the law, and for that he must pay the price… Makes you think about what would truly be right in this situation.

Remember to be careful with using controversy though, as you need to be prepared to deal with other people’s views fairly. If someone thinks differently, respect that view. If someone lashes out at you, deal with them in a way which will not provoke them further. It’s always nice to have your voice heard and appreciated, so try to respect the views of those appreciating your own.


Does size matter?

Yes. Stop laughing. If you have too much to say, everyone will zone out at some point, asking themselves “When will they stop?!”, while not having enough detail will mean key information about your characters will be missing. There are specifics you need, but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when an average audience is reading about your character.

Tip of today’s post: Regulate the amount of detail you put into one character.

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Faith in the Voided Skies: The Eye of the Storm

W-what do we do?” The fright-filled voice of Simurton filled the echoey room we stood in, all our faces plagued by the panic that the sight had stricken upon us. It was too soon, right? There was no way the next one could be so soon after the first!

I dunno!” Medys was on the verge of hyperventilating; we’d never expected to witness death or anything of the sort in our lifetime, and this was the third time in three days I’d witness the same thing, yet it still spoked me all the same. How many had to disappear? Did we have to go soon too? “If only Thanatos was here…” My brain sparked for a split second. In the midst of the fear and the panic that encircled the room we stood in, I tried desperately to recall the theory that I and Lamia had devised together. Piecing it together took effort and time, however, and I certainly didn’t have time!

Uhm… Why did it stop..?” Simurton’s face looked a little relieved as he directed our attention towards the dying person before us, and the pulsating ball of darkness had diminished to the size of a golf ball, resting firmly on the person’s waist.

B-but faith is the most important thing! If we don’t believe, she’ll never make it!” I argued, hiding the little futility I felt inside my mind, but Lamia brought it back to the surface.

She doesn’t know us, nor are we doing something for her. What’s our support to her?” With those words, I knew I was wrong. I closed my eyes and looked down, my hope to save this girl crushed by Lamia’s wisdom.

I guess you’re right, as usual…”

Umm… Mitsuna? You okay?” I felt my consciousness slowly fade back into my mind, my vision becoming less and less blurry. Had I blanked out?

Yeah..?” My mind was still a little teetered, switching between reality and the past, and I debated whether it was worth coming back into reality. “Sorry, I must’a spaced out…” I regained my bearings. I was in the Student Staff’ Head’s house, with my friends trying to save this girl on the floor.

I… had a thought.” We both turned to face Medys, who looked a little deep in thought, yet still in touch with the real world. That seemed strange; I could swear my thoughts seemed more real than what was happening now! She cleared her throat and looked up a little. “This girl was known for being mysterious, right?” I nodded, Simurton simply keeping an eye on the collapsed individual before us. “Well, she lost that fight with Havocilla about four days ago, if I remember correctly, and I recall her getting ridiculed by the higher years for her defeat.” I had no idea where she would go with this.

This shame, I heard was spread across the entire school, and she became the laughing stock of all but a few people… e-excluding us, of course. Then word left school and went to her parents, who joked around with her about it, but she, ashamed of her loss, took it the wrong way.”

You’re not making much sense, Lamia.” Simurton butted in, refusing to even look up at us or in the eyes. “Please cut to the chase, so to speak.”

Well, that green-haired girl? She’d been feeling pretty hopeless a few days before she vanished without so much as a single trace.” But there was a trace. I stuffed my hand into my pocket and felt the metal and silk hairpieces lying around in there. “And our friend Persia? She’d felt rejected when I hugged Thanatos and he wouldn’t let her join in.” I began to realise what points she was making and putting together.

So, you think that it’s only people who have lost faith in their lives that we’re losing?” Medys nodded solemnly.

And I think all the torment may have proven too much for our friend Garuda…” She pointed to her near lifeless body on the floor, her breaths loud and raspy. Lamia’s words rung in my ears.

She doesn’t know us, nor are we doing something for her. What’s our support to her?” Our support would do nothing in this situation!

Suddenly, a beefy looking bouncer burst through the door, and rushed past me and Medys to speak face to face with Simurton.

Master Harunt! There is an intruder, and your parents are not present! What do we do?” An intruder? But why? Thievery perhaps?

Apprehend them, and bring them here. I will speak with them myself.” He cracked his knuckles as he gestured to the bouncer to fetch the intruder. He hastily rushed out, pulling a black telescopic baton from his belt hook and extending it as he exited the room.

Someone keep an eye on the guest here. Someone else come with me and join the hunt for the intruder.”

I’ll stay, Mitsuna. You go with Simurton.” Medys seemed intent on sticking around with Garuda, so I nodded as I left the room with him; we closed the door behind us to prevent harm to either of them.

So, where do we go?” I asked, curious to learn how exactly Simurton planned on finding this intruder, and he pointed upwards to a watchtower adjacent to the room we were previously in.

We’ll watch from above, and the inside guards will scour the building itself. It’s highly unlikely they’re any further than the courtyard. The security here is impermeable to intrusion.” Something in the pit of my guts made me doubt that statement. “Come on, the staircase is not a large distance from here.” We ran across the corridor to a spiral staircase in a circular tower, just as well decorated as the rest of the building despite looking like it would rarely be used by Simurton himself. We frantically hurried up the seemingly endless amounts of stairs; in reality there were probably only about a hundred, but it seemed much more, and we heard a strange noise coming from outside the manor, like that of a distorted battle cry.

W-what was that? You know what that was, right?” I shook Simurton in fear, and he pushed me into the wall behind me, though the distance between the two walls was short, and he’d only pushed me about 3 centimetres.

Pull yourself together, Azura! You must be hearing things!” He yelled, probably right. The whole ordeal was messing with my head enough as it stood, but didn’t hallucinations seem a bit far? Who knows?

We unfroze from my terror and hurried up the last few stairs to the watch-guard’s quarters above, a rifle loaded with electrically imbued bullets laying across the large arched window in front of us, the three others around us being bare. “Look around, see if you can triangulate his location.” He threw the gun into the air and caught it, spinning it around his right index finger, the barrel slapping against the wall a little. He rested the bottom of it on the window and scoped in, his breaths becoming more and more concise. Why did everything, even down to his vocabulary, have to be so professionally done? I doubt he even gets more than 3 hours of sleep! Regardless, I put my hand over my eyes and scanned the nearby area for the intruder, looking around for anything that might be deemed suspicious, but because I was surrounded by rich, expensive objects, some of which I’d never seen before, I really couldn’t tell what was what. It was as if everything in his courtyard was simply for display or for vanity! Even the flower beds, which housed many vibrant, colourful species of flower which I’d never seen before seemed to serve little purpose. This place had it all, from everything I knew to the things I didn’t!

Private pool… fountains… sand pit… This place..!” I realised I must have been thinking out loud, as Simurton looked at me with an angered expression.

What do you think you’re doing?!” I jumped as his voice boomed loudly in my ears, his vision still focused solely on the scope of the rifle.

I couldn’t see them, so I was admiring the sand pit and stuff…” He merely sighed at my reply.

Unbelievable…” He muttered as he regained his focus, but something seemed to be ailing him. He raised his right eyebrow and looked at me suspiciously. “Did you say sand pit?” Was he not aware of the sandy area to the right of his view?

Yeah, over there…” I pointed shakily towards the neatly laid out sand, and he shook his head.

But, my family never ordered something so stupid, or anything of the sort.”

It was at that exact moment my guts told me something was very wrong. I think it was something like caveman instinct, where a person can sense that someone is within six feet behind them, though the feeling was amplified tenfold. All the hairs on my body stood in place and quivered as if it were winter inside my clothes, and I started breathing heavily. Heavily enough to get the concern of Simurton. “Are you alright?” He asked, and I saw the sudden realisation sink into his face.

W-what do we do..?” I whispered, now certain that we were being spectated from a close, burning eye. My conscious refused to sense anything, but I was certain my sub-conscious was screaming at every fibre of my being to get out of there.

Just stay calm.” He said sternly as he swiftly turned around, an overly confident look spread across his sweating face. “Gotcha… Wha?” What had he seen? “Stop making me panic. There was nobody there.” He turned around and stomped his foot on the floor, sending a faintly visible amount of sand flying around my face.

This sand is really starting to get to me…” I looked down at the pile of sand on the floor, and questioned whether it was there before, or if it was possible for it to just appear out of nowhere.

There’s no more sand. Stop messing with me, or just return to Lamia.” He seemed on edge, but wanted to hide his fear from me. I saw no reason to ignore this! He was far too stubborn for his own good! My body turned to ice as the feeling returned, twice as powerful as before this time; I had no doubt that someone was within licking distance of my back. I hunched my body together and braced myself for the blindfold that would come over my face just before a kidnapping, or the hands over my face to stop me from screaming out for salvation, though nothing really happened, except I thought I was going to start hyperventilating. For a minute, I stood there, watching in sheer horror as Simurton simply ignored the feeling that enshrouded the room I stood in, not daring enough to look behind me. I went to move my right hand through my pigtail, as I usually did when I was nervous or worried, though it wouldn’t move an inch. I tugged on it, only to find it was… attached to something?

A-AH!” I pulled as hard as I could, though whatever it was would not release its vice grip. Whatever it was had a grainy and arid feeling to it; it was as if it was absorbing all the moisture in my hand! Did I dare turn around?

It is fine. You have no need to be afraid, my dear.” Simurton?! What did he think he as doing?!

G-Get off, Simurton! And who are you calling dear?!” I angrily tugged at the force he was putting onto my arm, though he would not release it.

My, you sound different. Do you have a cold?” What was going on?! I looked down at Simurton’s hands, which, to my surprise were holding the rifle he had not diverted his attention from since the initial scare. “Or it it because this is the first time I’ve been so close?” The more I listened, the more I could tell the difference between Simurton’s and this other person’s voice; The voice speaking to me seemed much more friendly, yet much more eerie at the same time. Now I had to turn around, but now it was even more difficult!

W-who are you?! What do you want from me?!” Now I was hyperventilating.

An odd choice of clothing too. And your hair…” I closed my eyes and counted to three in my head, and I’d decided that on three, I’d turn around and face whoever was creeping up on me. I breathed deeply to regain my regular breathing rate and began counting in my mind. “Why have you stopped talking to me?” One… “You know how long I’ve had my eyes on you…” Two… “Or rather, how long I’ve wasted my time admiring you from afar, my dearest-” Before I could even say the word three in my mind, I felt a strong force whirl me around to face the intruder, and I pried my eyes open, to be met with a face full of shock and panic.

AAHH! What the- Who are you? Explain yourself!” We must have said the exact same words in perfect unison, more or less, both of us rapidly trying to catch our breaths.

Where is Garuda Susano? This is of dire importance!” He slumped to the floor, sand leaking from his baggy, dry coloured clothing, a glass cane poking out from them too.

S-she’s… Downstairs… Oh, don’t do that… that’s plain creepy…” If I recalled correctly, this was the same person who saw Garuda leave the classroom when the dropouts were messing around with me. I didn’t know anything about him though… I pulled on Simurton’s leg behind me, sending him falling to the floor.

Wah!” His face narrowly avoided slamming into the marble-tiled floor as he caught the banister, and pulled himself to his feet.

I… found him…” I said as he turned to face us, aiming his gun at the intruder.

You move so much as an inch, and you’ll be subjected to combatant suppression like none other!”

Again with the overdone vocabulary…

Do it. I’ve got myself covered if you refuse to comply.” And with that, he drew the glass cane from his clothes, and pushed it down into the sand on the floor, spraying it a distance around the impact zone.

Your choice.” Simurton muttered as he pulled the trigger on his gun, and to our shock, nothing but a burst of cubic glass shards came from the barrel. “What the- What is this?!” He pulled the trigger multiple times, the same thing happening every time he did so.

I believe you now know where you stand.” The intruder maintained a fairly serious, yet still creepy face throughout the entirety of the ordeal. Just who was this person? “I seek Garuda. I am aware she followed some crook through the forest, and I just cannot have that happen to her…” Was she his love interest or something? Lucky, able to plan out everything that way.

And why should we confide in you? You’ve intruded private grounds! I should just send for security!” Simurton stomped his foot again, though our ‘guest’ seemed much to confident.

Taken care of. Trust in my word, and they will live to see another day.” This guy was shadier than a lamp shade! Something, deep within me, was screaming something, but I couldn’t quite hear it.

W-What did you do?! I demand an explanation! Your criminal record and place in the school both hang in the balance, do you hear me?!”

I hear you. Though any attempt to leave the building or communicate with the outside world will be in vain. The place is in full lockdown, and you’ll have to follow my word if you wish to continue life as normal.” I could hear the voice within me clearly, at the cost of tuning out from the voices around me. It was faint, but it was certainly there.

She doesn’t know us,”

I would never place a student’s life in danger! What do you take the head of Student Staff for, a fool?!”

Yes. You have no idea what’s going on.”

Azura, wake up! Explain to this delinquent the situation!”

What’s our support to her?”

She does not understand either. I had mistaken her for Garuda herself!”

Azura, snap out of it! …Unbelievable, she’s daydreaming again…”

She doesn’t know us, nor are we doing something for her. What’s our support to her?”

Wake up and face it. Garuda is in need of my presence.”

That is an invasion of her privacy! You shall stay away from her, or I shall cast a restraining order in her name upon you!”

H-huh, wha…?” The two conflicting voices faded back into reality, Lamia’s words swimming around in my head, trying to complete a fuse within my mind.

Azura, refrain from zoning out so frequently!”

You pay attention, Harunt! Garuda will never fall into your hands, she is mine and mine alone! I refuse to allow anything to happen to her! If you intervene any more than you already have, I’ll have no option but to take fervorous action against you!” His voice was filled with a passionate, heart-felt tone, and I knew that every word that was coming from his mouth was either genuine, or plain creepy. I struggled to choose between the two. I leant out over the windowsill to divert my attention from the ongoing argument, catching my breath and bringing myself back into reality. What was going on? My mind slowly waltzed from thought to thought as I tried once again to make sense of the past few days. Nothing had made any from of it though; if no-one remembered the green-haired girl and if all traces of her existence were gone, why did I remember her? Why did Medys remember her? Did anyone else remember her? I thought of Medys and Garuda. What were they doing right now? Was Garuda fading to darkness in Medys’ heavy arms? And then my thoughts directed themselves towards Lamia’s words again. They’d not left my mind for he past few days, and I wondered why. Were they relevant?

Haha! I know what you mean!” I heard a distant voice from down below and looked around for its source.

Don’t get too friendly with me. You and Thanatos are nothing but trouble. The name sends shudders down my spine.” I traced the voice down to the main gate of the building, and I saw ?Garuda talking with Medys, as if they were about to leave!

Hmm? Why’s that? Were they deliberately speaking loudly so I could hear? Or was my hearing just enhanced right now?

Never mind. I just know that someone, somewhere, cares about me. And I’m going to find out who. Excuse me.” Garuda walked off into the forest, and Medys pulled what looked like her phone out and just stood there. In the midst of the two others arguing, I slipped past both of them, and decided to go home after a long day, knowing deep down that this person didn’t have the powers to prevent our escape. I only caught onto one last sentence from Simurton’s mouth:

Forget it, Phernus. No girl deserves to be stalked that way!”


I have been made aware that the situation with the girl by the name of Garuda Susano. Supposedly, she remembers nothing about what happened and claims to have never been feeling down at all. I don’t see how losing a fight could lower someone like her to that state, but I believe my previous predictions are being proven correct, and this worries me. I cannot allow the Angelic Army to descend. Their actions are far too rash and malicious for the human race. While named ‘Angelic’, they are far from it. I have little time, I must be purified once more.

Overdoing it…

No-one should overwork themselves, it’s not good for productivity and it’s stressful too. Stress affects nearly all aspects of life, and the most important aspect is also in play here: the imagination. If you’re stressed, you can’t think straight and your ideas likely will become sloppy. This is why I’m just giving you a simple yet useful tip today.

Tip of today’s post: Don’t overdo your characters simply to make them more popular.

No-one really cares if your character has a similar hairdo to an anime character, or if they have the same weapons that are just slightly modified. There’s no real need to create a completely diverse character just to stand out from every other. It’s likely that over-doing your character this way will make you lose interest in the character as time passes, due to the lack of ability to develop them without breaching some form of copying.

Incidentally, isn’t a character who is over-developed and hogs all the attention considered a Mary Sue? Think about it: most Mary Sue characters tend to have every single  trait good in some form, and cannot do any harm to the other ‘normal’ characters because they all fell in love with them when their eyes met. When your character is too unique, they steal the spotlight for themselves, and all your other creations become trapped under their shadow, making all your hard work useless.

I think an exceptionally unique character is great, if it’s well thought out and still has it’s interesting aspects and drawbacks, but most characters that claim to be unique are over-done and are too flamboyant to even be considered as a regular character. It even gets to the point where it becomes difficult to use them in writing as every situation you place them in, they handle with ease and leave no chance for an interesting twist.

Earthly limitations.

In dreams, you’re not bound by the regular rules and restrictions of real life. Who’s to say you can’t change the rules up a little in your writing? It couldn’t hurt to mess around with the laws of physics or technology every once in a while.

Tip of today’s post: Avoid retaining too many qualities of real life.

If you’re writing about the real world and how it impacts people, you might disregard this, but just read a while longer. It’s not always about portraying things as realistically as possible, in fact doing so often leads your audience into thinking that your book will be just as boring as real life.

In most novels, you’ll find that the world the characters are portrayed in tends to be a re-incarnated version of the planet we live in, only the dull parts plucked out and replaced with more interesting features, and it’s these new features that create a sense of mystery, excitement and originality to your story. Who else will know that there’s really a way to access a parallel universe in which you are able to interact with the real world, just as a different person, or a different entity altogether?

While you can go as far as your imagination will allow, don’t forget to use your brain in synchronisation with your imagination, as one single plot hole can bring the entire story crashing down. With power comes responsibility, and with that power you must prove  that everything in your story makes sense.

Everything in the real world makes sense, as long as you understand the logic behind it. In that sense, it’s easy to assume that using the earth as a standalone location to set your story will be easier and effective. The latter may not be so, after all, aren’t readers tired of the real world?

Faith in the Voided Skies: Detective work

Due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’, this chapter was kinda rushed as I had to edit a plot point. I hope to be able to continue to use this plot, but I may have to change it completely. Nothing prior to this chapter, nor this chapter itself will be edited. Please enjoy.

Three days had passed since the strange events concerning my friend Persia Orbisula and the green haired girl who seemingly… caved in on herself. My mind had fallen into a deep train of thought the following days, thinking about why, or more to the point, what was happening; I knew this couldn’t be normal, nor a rare event on the planet, because what weather controlled event takes the lives of others? Was someone, or something mad at the human race and wanted sweet revenge? Was Armageddon truly among us after all these years of scientific lies that spurred us into a needless frenzy? Was I just overthinking things as usual? I sighed in confusion, unable to comprehend the sequence of events. Sitting at my desk opposite my bed, I drew a small, pink notebook from the pigeon hole above my desk and flicked through to the only clean page I had. These past few days had been filling it up quite nicely.

I tried thinking about what could have happened to cause this catastrophe.

“Right, so first I…” I cringed as I tried to recall what had happened. I could only remember the most major details, and it frustrated me. “There was the fight with, ummm… Hasovila? Was that her name? And Nethermedys’ brother asking me to be his friend, right before the green haired girl-” I stopped my brain from transmitting the saddening picture to my frail head, and lost my trail of thought in doing so. “Why aren’t I writing this down for?!” I slammed my fist down towards the table, but just caught myself and prevented damage to both the table and my hand. Reaching into my skirt pocket, I produced a purple gel pen and uncapped it carefully, so as not to spray it’s contents over my room. “Ok…” I sighed heavily, scribbling notes into the sheet of paper before me. “The fight with the old girl… I don’t remember her name perfectly” I didn’t write her dame for that reason. “That strange girl who got beaten up…” Gosh, I was terrible with names! “She ran after someone, calling their name.” I felt like this name held some significance, but I couldn’t remember it! I thought as deeply as the breaths I was now taking, staring blankly at the sheet before me. “His name, his name… Pretty sure it began with a D… Or, did it?” This was too much. “Was it even a he?” Was it worth assuming the gender of this person was male and writing it down? I repeatedly tapped the back of the pen against my chin; this was proving to be quite a case! “Never mind… What happened to Persia is certainly my biggest concern right now. She just… sank into the ground after saying something about Thanatos…” It was as if she’d turned into a ghost!

Suddenly, my bedroom door opened, and I slammed my notebook shut, looking to see who had invaded my private area.

“Boy, you closed that quick! What you writing in there?” Came my father’s distinctively charming voice from the door, and I giggled nervously.

“Uhm, nothing important!” I stuffed it back into the slot it came from and stood up, like I normally did when someone entered my room. Though my dad seemed to know me better than I do.

“You sure?” He asked, closing the door behind him and sitting on my bed, admiring how messy my room had become. “You sounded serious from outside.” I was speaking out loud?!

“Dad, it was nothing…” I must’ve sounded pretty pitiful, because he gave me that look which said ‘You’re lying, aren’t you?’. I knew he could see right though my wall of lies, so why did I persist? Perhaps because no-one would believe me, not even my dad?

“Mitsuna, you’ve been acting strange for the past 4 days; You’re not one to wake up late, not even on weekends, and since when were you satisfied with a room looking like this?” He was onto me, but what could I tell him? “You skipped breakfast the day this all started, too. Are you ill or something?”

“No I’m…” What was the use? “Oh, Fine then… Strange things have been happening at school.” He leaned in closer, which I guessed was my cue to keep talking. “Have you seen the sky recently?” A ridiculous question, considering my father never left the house; his job consisted of him sitting in front of his computer all day.

“Nope, why?” He replied obliviously, and I knew he’d never buy it.

“There’s… a huge chunk missing out of it, and people have been disappearing ever since it’s appearance.” He stared blankly at me and I cursed at myself in my mind. Why did I tell him? He’d never believe me.

“You’re certain?” He said as he stood up, his face looking ready to burst into laughter.

“Yes, I am!” He just walked out of my room after I’d confirmed what I had said, and I assumed he burst out laughing. I couldn’t hear any form of laughter though. Would anyone take me seriously?

I met Medys outside after having gotten dressed for school and we’d left early, not waiting for Lunokuni like we usually did; I had told her I wanted to speak with the head of the Student Staff: Simurton Harunt. It was unlikely he’d take us seriously, and he’d probably just say something like ‘Inconceivable’, or ‘This isn’t productive, stop wasting my time.’

“Say, Mitsuna? Medys asked with a quiet tone as she turned to face me.

“Yeah?” I replied, noticing she was more pale than usual. Had something bad happened?

“What do you hope to gain from visiting Simurton? He’ll probably just brush it off anyway,” She was probably right, but…

“If anyone’s gonna be held responsible for missing students that disappeared in school itself, it’ll be him. Which means he has to help us.” Or so I thought.

After another ten minutes, we’d arrived at the office of Simurton Harunt, and we’d explained the situation to him.

“Nonsense. You’re just taking up my time.” He snapped as he continued to fill in the pile of paperwork before him, pretending like we didn’t even exist.

“Are you being serious?” I yelled at him, tempted to push the paperwork all over the floor, but I refrained from doing so.

“Are you?” He asked carelessly, “You want me to believe that the sky sucked up this missing student that keeps coming up in my reports?”

“Yeah, we do. It’s still out there!” Now he’d have to come with us! Medys chipped in to strengthen our evidence.

“Ask the psychiatrist, he must have had people coming to him about it.” But Simurton really wouldn’t have it.

“He’s not filed any reports of the missing student, nor filed any useful files at all. All the psychiatrist does is cause me problems. It’d be easier on the school’s budget and education if we just fired him. Now stop bothering me.” What was up this guy’s ass?!

“You won’t even-”

“Just go. You’re wasting my time.” With that he ushered us out of his office and shut the door behind us, and I saw him through the window filling out paperwork with a frustrated look on his face.

“You two…” I heard a voice down the corridor that I thought I recognised, just with a little less feeling to it.

“You?” I turned around to face the voice, and saw the girl from before, limping towards me ever so slightly. She was still a little covered in bruises, but looked fine nonetheless from this distance.

“Yes. It’s happening. We must inform Harunt immediately.” The closer she drew to us, the more I began to sense that something was seriously wrong. My finger, however, was unable to place itself on what was terribly wrong.

“We tried, he wouldn’t have it.” Medys said, scowling in the window.

“Then allow me.” The girl was mere inches away from us, and my body was covered in goosebumps. What was wrong with her? Just looking into her eyes seemed to apprehend my attention with an impressive strength. Her fist pounded weakly against the door, as if she had no motive to speak to the head, but who did? The door flung open, and Simurton took a deep breath.

“What do you need?” He asked in a feigned polite tone.

“Duskiternis.” With this one word, his eyes widened in shock.

“You can’t mean…” So now he’d co-operate, huh? I put on a smug face and crossed my arms.

“He’s done it at last. We have to act.” He’s done this? Who even was he? Simurton looked at us, defeated yet resolute.

“Alright, my apologies for my doubt in you two. We’ll head to my place after hours.” HE turned his head away, and his voice grew serious. “Not one of you must be late.” With this he shut the door and filed about half of the paperwork to one side.

“Won’t buy it?” The strange girl asked rhetorically, looking me in the eyes. What was wrong with her eyes? It was like they were devoid of the will to live!

“Good job, he wouldn’t listen to us…” I scratched my nose. “Can I please ask your name?”

“Garuda. My second name only reminds me of my fate.” Not only did this girl look odd, she also spoke odd! “Don’t forget to be there tonight. I’m certain everyone is aware of Harunt’s address.” With this, Garuda walked off down the corridor, and Medys and I rushed to our maths class.

It seemed like forever we had waited for the bell to signal the end of school. Medys, Lunokuni and I all had left to walk home together, Lunokuni wanting to come with us to Simurton’s house; her interest was peaked by the subject on our minds.

“You guys know where we’re going, right?” I asked, not exactly certain myself.

“Nope. We just look for Harunt Manor, a medium sized estate.” Medys replied, happy to have been of use to me. We all knew that Simurton was loaded with money, and that his parents lived in their own estate at the end of the town, but we’d never been to that specific part of town, and as such we had no idea where it actually was. We had decided the best course of action was to scour the outskirts of the town until we came across it, knowing he would never have lived in the middle of the commoners.

“Aww, we’re gonna be late at this rate!” I moaned, brushing my pigtails with a hairbrush from my bag to occupy my shaky hands. I was scared for some reason, but all I wanted to do was punch Simurton in the face. Lunokuni pointed through the dense trees to our left at a chimney that was poking through the top of them.

“You reckon it’s this one?” She asked, and because we had no other leads, we chose to cut through the forest and see if the chimney belonged to Harunt Manor.

We’d trekked through the thick forest about halfway when we came across a strange statue of a short girl wrapped in warm clothing and the wings of a hummingbird pointing upwards with a blackened sword that looked like it was covered in raven wings. Medys went closer and inspected the engraved message on the plaque, her slow reading abilities impeding our ability to move on.

“Well?” I asked, tapping my foot on the floor impatiently.

“I think you need to look at this!” She said, beckoning us over, and we drew towards her like moths to a light bulb.

“Lunokuni, allow me.” I squatted down to read the plaque, pushing my hair behind my back to prevent it from getting muddy at the tips.

Reading aloud, the plaque read as follows:

One of the most successful ——- in th- country, was d-m-li–ed here on the…

“The date’s been scratched out, I can’t read it…” I read on. The grounds here are sacred, and cannot be built on due to ——–. The text had become more faded as we read on, and we could only pick out incoherent nonsense. But one thing made our skin crawl.

“On the last line… Look at the name…” Medys said in horror, her breathing rate increasing dramatically.

“Elena Himiko… You know her_ Nethermedys?” Lunokuni asked, tilting her head to the side in confusion.

“No, not in p-person…” She hunched herself together. “The name… I once heard Thanatos scream her name, or something similar… Maybe I’m just paranoid…” She stood, staring in disbelief at the name before her. I had no clue what she was talking about, but the entire statue gave me the creeps.

“Guys, we’re gonna be late!” I grabbed both Medys’ amd Lunokuni’s arms and ran with them to the chimney we’d seen, the eerie sensation that someone was watching me dissipating the further I got away from that statue.

“You’re all late. Unbelievable.” Simurton was stood outside the large gate to his manor with his arms folded in irritation, the chimney having indeed been part of his abode.

“We’re sorry…” I panted, catching my breath as quickly as I could.

“Garuda is already inside. We shall make haste to join her.” He turned and entered a combination of numbers into a small black box, and the gate slowly opened for us.

“Quicken your pace.” He said as he directed us to his front door, the house itself looking even more admirable than the trees in front of it. Naturally.

“Nice place_ Harunt…” Lunokuni gasped as she began to take it all in, her eyes flitting around like mad.

“It’s nothing, really.” At least he was modest. “I believe she’s in he living room.”

Upon entering, we’d been through at least 5 different rooms and 3 staircases before we had reached the living room, each being bigger than my bedroom at least, and my room was large. The journey through royalty was worth it though, as before us stood the most beautiful looking room I had seen in my life. I felt my eyes must have been glistening and my mouth drooling, but this wasn’t some anime.

“Ahh! It’s amazing!” I felt a firm hand strike the back of my head.

“Cut it out, we’re here on serious business.” Modesty hurt.

“Oww…” We were lead to a black leather sofa facing what must have been a 60” plasma screen television, and we sank into the sofa like we were sat on a cloud forged from the heavens themselves. Had I never experienced true luxury before?

“Stay here for a while, I’m going to retrieve Garuda.” With this, he took off up the huge flight of stairs behind us and was cut off from view as we turned to face the window before us.

“Where d’ya reckon his parents got the money_ huh?” Lunokuni asked playfully, a devious look on her face that allowed my mind to predict her next words. “Some backstreet dealing?”

“Mhmm, I’m sure that’s it.” Medys replied, leaning back as the sofa virtually ate her back in it’s comfort. I didn’t want to go anywhere. Although I didn’t particularly like Simurton, he sure had taste, and knew hospitality to a T: a butler had laid out cookies on a tray on the table in front of us, but we were too comfy to grab them. The air conditioner was set to just the right temperature to cool us from the warmth outside. I felt like Simurton had his life easy with all this money! It was no wonder he looked down on us lower classes!

“Hey, you guys remember this?” Medys stood up from the sofa after an intemse battle to free herself from it’s grips of comfort and slid her hand into her left trouser pocket after lifting her skirt up with her other hand. This was a burning question for me.

“Hey, Medys. Why do you wear a skirt and trousers? It’s kinda weird.” She looked at me and her skirt dropped back down over her trousers.

“Just a habit.” She looked away again swiftly, thrusting her hand hurriedly into her right pocket, a look of horror and realisation covering her face.

“You OK? I didn’t mean to offend you…” I looked at her with fake puppy dog eyes, and she shed a tear.

“My keyring I got from Thanatos! I can’t find it!” But it seemed that was the least of our worries.

“You three, get up here now!” Came the worry stricken voice of Simurton Harunt from upstairs, and the sofa seemed to release it’s firm grip on me almost at once.

“But which room is he in? There’s so many upstairs!” Lunokuni couldn’t be argued with; looking only at the left side of the manor, there were two more floor each having eight doors on each floor.

“Trust your instinct!” I yelled as I grabbed a handful of cookies before running up the first flight of stairs, the two behind me looking at me funnily. “What, it was instinct!” I said as we ran further and further up the stairs, ending up in front of the eight doors we’d examined from below. I didn’t know which one to pick, but my guts said the third door.

I booted the door open, and a strong, dark sensation came flooding over my senses, making me temporarily lose my balance. I fell into the banister, and pulled myslef together as we apprehensively entered the room we’d chosen.

“I can’t believe this, you three…” Simurton was kneeling next to an unconscious body on the floor that we could not quite make out as the lights were off, but we could see that the life within the eyes was slipping away, and fast. I felt the body, knowing I stood no chance of finding the light switch, and I thought I recognised the distinctive clothing. All of a sudden, I heard Lunokuni shout:

“I found the light switch!” Of course. The lights flickered on, and the sight before me shocked everyone in the room into silence, gaping mouths and widened eyes.

It seemed we’d found out who was next.


It seemed like my sanity was beginning to slip away from my mind’s usually firm grasp. Reality was worming it’s way into my head and lubricating the sides of my mind, allowing it to slip out of me and into the void our insolence may or may not have created. The amount of people claiming to have heard rumours about a green haired girl disappearing into a ball of darkness was incredible. Did such a person even go to our school? I was fairly certain that dyed hair wasn’t allowed, but who knows? The staff are far too lax around here, so I submitted a report to the Student Staff, informing them of the disappearance. I must simply wait for their reply. If my predictions are correct, I fear the worst for my own sake. Though far-fetched, my ideas are what I think to be the most likely explanation for this rumour. My reports also show my times to recover each day are becoming slower, suggesting that I should give the job a break? But I couldn’t dump the burden on another. Besides, most people in the school look up to me even though they don’t know me, so I’m stuck in a loop that will inevitably crush something important to me. What that is, I do not know, but for now, I must rest. Much lies on the path ahead.

What’s trending…?

It’s 2016. I’m ridiculed quite often for being ‘old fashioned and dull’, when in truth my style is neither old or boring. If anything, I find metal (My preferred music) has much more meaning than the top 40 (What has popular music come to?) and is generally more tasty to the ears. Don’t ask me ‘what do you mean?’ if you don’t get it. Read on.

Tip of today’s post: Make your characters diverse, but make sure you can link these irregularities in some way.

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Faith in the Voided Skies: The Mystery Unravels

I looked around once more and my heart seemed to stop when the hundreds of pairs of eyes, shimmering with excitement glared the two of us down. The intimidating fists raised into the air that kept pumping like the pistons of a train made my eyesight go woozy and the voices that filled the man-made arena dramatically increased my breathing rate. I was filled with adrenaline, but flight was the action I wanted to take.

I hope you’re ready, Mitsuna! Let’s give them a fight they’ll never forget, eh?!” The screams in the crowd grew ever louder and I knew I was doomed to at least be in hospital. But something about the girl on the floor before me gave me strength; I couldn’t just leave her to this Goliath’s maniacal hands!

Y-you bet!” I yelled as I clenched my small fists, and swallowed my pride with a single, solemn gulp.

Hahahaha! I like you, but you’re going down!” She cracked her knuckles and pounced for me, and I rolled out of the way, breathing heavily as her left hand pulled my shoe forcefully from my foot.

Nice.” She said, and I felt a little pride come and go as she flung the shoe at my chest, it smacking me hard just under my neck.

Ah!” I yelled, clutching the impacted area with my left hand, and readying my right one for her next move. I began to focus, and she was already sprinting my way, fists ablaze with the fury of an ape, and her solid fist skimmed my jawbone, my right hand flailing into her own in panic, and she yielded for a brief moment. Only a brief moment, as she’d quickly delivered a sweep, carrying me from my feet and knocking me to the concrete below. My face landed hard on the floor, and my nose felt like it had been dislocated in more than one place. “Tch, really?” She mocked as she crossed her arms in displease. I tried to pick myself up, but a strong foot to the stomach cut off my wind and forced my consciousness to momentarily leave me behind, before it’s sick sense of humour decided I should suffer the pain, and came back to me.

Ahh… You won’t win…” I forced myself to say, pain filling every word erupting from my mouth.

Hahaha. You sure about that?!” She yelled as I felt a cold, hard shoe push down on my head, preventing my head from moving anywhere. “Do we squash her brains out?!” The crowd roared with what could only be agreement ,and I knew my time was up. She looked at me with an emotionless face and spat next to me. “It’s too bad the teachers here enjoy this, huh?” I’d had enough of her. I tired squirming my head around, but to no avail. I was doomed, and I knew it just as well as she did. From behind her shirt, she drew a shortsword stained with blood and a dark aura, and my eyes couldn’t have been wider.

W-why? This isn’t fair…” I muttered as her laughter drowned out my pleas for forgiveness. I watched as the sword was risen above my head, and I gulped once more, this time savouring it, for it was my last.

Life isn’t fair.” She muttered as her face turned bright, as if she was enjoying the thought of my death.

Hold up.” A voice from the crowd came, and I tried to turn to face it, but only ended up pulling my neck as a result.

Another?! You two wanna face this too, huh!” She looked at whoever was speaking with more than daggers in her eyes, and the pressure on my head increased from her rage.

Release her head. Or I’ll release you of yours.” The voice said without any tone at all, and she bore her yellow, unaligned teeth in fury. I hardly noticed as a small figure put my shoe back on my foot.

I’ll release her head in a single swing of this sword!” And the sword drew closer to my throat, until the blade was touching the skin there. Shivers ran down my spine from both the cold metal and the fear.

Hmph. You leave me no choice.” They said as she fell to the floor after a strong arm pushed her, the sword dancing around my throat like a bee around a flower. Her foot was removed, but moving my head now would have much more lethal consequences. “You’re not so tough, pushover.” This guy was confident. But then the identity of this person began to dawn upon me, though too late. He stepped in front of me and yanked the sword from Havocilla’s hand, throwing it into the school’s tulip meadow. He offered me a hand and a soulless look, and I took it without hesitation.

Are you OK?! Please, speak to me!” Came a voice from my left, and Nethermedys was trying to speak to the girl that had previously lost the fight.

Havocilla, I think. For a buffalo lookalike, you’re pretty weak.” he mocked as he walked up to her face, and although being much shorter than her, looked absolutely fearless.

Argh, you’re gonna get it next time!” She said as he ran for the meadows to find her blood-stained stick of steel. The crowd murmured disappointedly and began to slowly disperse; the blonde boy from this morning came over to us and looked at my saviour.

Not cool, Lamia. Not cool.” He walked off, punching his fists together and crackling them each time.

Are you OK, Mitsuna?” He asked, looking not nearly as concerned as Medys was acting to the girl beside me.

Yeah, I’m fine..” I sighed, putting my hand to my nose, which was throbbing with pain and numbing the areas around it, and I notice a small drop of a red liquid on my hand.

Is it… Bleeding?!” Sure enough, I looked on the floor, and a small pool of blood was complied where I once lay, taunting my fear of grievously injuring myself. “How does it look?! Is it bad?!” I panicked, my reputation on the line, though a voice from beneath me interrupted.

Stop complaining… We have worse to worry about…” Her voice was raspy and wheezy, like she’d got a severely blocked nose. She rose from the floor and stumbled into a position of balance, taking care not to fall again.

What do you mean?” I asked, looking her in her broken, tear filled eyes.

The sky… We must stop him. This was his plan.” She ran off towards the crown, pulling a long, grey stick from in her scarf and shouting a name.

Duskiternis! Where did you go?” She stumbled all over the place as she ran, and Medys ran over for her when she collapsed into a heap on the floor, landing on her weapon.

She knew she didn’t have a chance…” Lamia whispered in confusion, shaking his head and focusing intently on the blood in my hands. “Come with me. I have to tell you something.” He said as he walked over to the entrance from the playground, barely waiting up for me. I pinched my nose and looked up, in order to prevent my nose from leaking any more blood, and I thought Havocilla had done some damage to my brain.

Are those stars?” I asked, knowing it was 1 in the afternoon, but Lamia merely beckoned me over, curling his finger towards himself repeatedly, and I ran to catch up, taking care not to drip blood everywhere.

We walked through the school, barely talking at all until we reached the psychiatrists office, and we merely stood outside, afraid to enter the infirmary next door to it.

Listen, Mitsuna.” Lamia said, and I perked my ears up. “This isn’t a confession, don’t get the wrong idea. I just think we should be friends.” What was he saying? I’d only known him through Medys, what did he want with me? “You’ve been there for Medys, despite her being younger than you, and you emanate happiness wherever you go. I feel like something’s gonna happen to her pretty soon, so I want you to know that I trust her in your hands, and that I’m glad to meet you.” He sounded like he didn’t mean any of this, but I nodded my head in response, and said:

OK, sure” to keep things from reaching an awkward silence.

I’m falling sick with something nasty, and if I can’t take the household responsibilities, then she’ll have to. It’ll put a load of stress onto her, and I don’t want that to happen. Promise me you’ll be there for her.”

Of course I will!” I didn’t really know where he was going with this, but I went with it.

Thanks. We should get that nose se- uhh…” He paused for a brief moment, his eyes were transfixed on something behind me, and I shivered again. Was Havocilla back for me? “Mitsuna, turn around. Is she… fading?” I spun in place, his outstretched arm stopped me from spinning too far, and what I saw before me defied all reason.

What’s going on with that green haired girl?!” I shouted, but she didn’t turn around. The look on her face was devoid of life, half of it covered by a partially tamed fringe, the rest looking damned, as if she’d brought this upon herself. “Can you hear me?! Answer me!!” I ran over to her, avoiding tripping on the smooth white tiled floor, and Lamia merely stared at me from where he was stood.

She slumped to her knees as a ball of the darkest matter enveloped her body from the feet upwards. I didn’t know what to do.

Hey, come on! Fight it!” I was worked into a frenzy at this point, but little did I know my screams were futile. Her pupils dilated until there was nothing left but the iris and sclera, and the thick black body of darkness enveloped her own, until only her face remained in view.

Leave her, Mitsuna. I think it’s too late.” Lamia called from the end of the hall, and I looked at him, slightly angered, but more so confused.

How would you know this?” I asked hurriedly, and luckily I wasn’t quite angry enough for my voice to sound it.

I don’t know, but she looks a little done for… Don’t you think?” His eyes were as dead as ever as he stared behind me, watching the girl disappear into a ball of darkness that we could not control.

B-but faith is the most important thing! If we don’t believe, she’ll never make it!” I argued, hiding the little futility I felt inside my mind, but Lamia brought it back to the surface.

She doesn’t know us, nor are we doing something for her. What’s our support to her?” With those words, I knew I was wrong. I closed my eyes and looked down, my hope to save this girl crushed by Lamia’s wisdom.

I guess you’re right, as usual…” I muttered, running my fingers remorsefully through my right pigtail, doing something, anything to take my mind off the thoughts flooding my mind. Today had been a depressive day. Slowly, I turned around, holding my hands over my eyes but peeking thought the gaps between my fingers to watch as the girl was pulled into nothingness, right before my eyes. The whole blackened figure was sucked into the middle of itself, until nothing remained but a couple of cherry blossom hair-clips on the floor. I was lost for words.

What… just happened..?” We both said in unison, exchanging my shocked look for his own emotionless look. My mind was still trying to process what had just happened.

My… That was strange, I must say. More strange than Fenris.” He said dully as he raised his eyebrows, and I nodded my head in agreement. While Fenris was certainly an odd character, this was higher up on the spook factor.

Should we tell anyone?” I asked, uncertain of what we were even doing in the first place.

Of course we should. No-one will believe us, but we may as well try.” He drew closer and eyed up my face before looking outside. “We needn’t bother; there’s another one. One you know this time.”

What?!” One that I knew? But who could that be. I frantically peered my head around the crowd that had once again gathered outside to see who he’d meant, but I couldn’t see.

Let’s go see. Perhaps you can help this one.” Lamia said, walking past me and holding the door open for me.

Oh, thank you…” I whispered nervously as I exited the building, picking up the hair-clips on the way out under Lamia’s watchful eyes…

When we drew nearer to the crowd, we saw that they weren’t looking at the person who was fading from existence, but up at the sky. Why was that more interesting? I pushed past the crowd, ignoring the insults from my loss against Havocilla, Lamia not far behind me, and we soon saw the identity of the collapsed, fading figure lying down, beaten on the floor.

Wha… No…” I looked down in horror, asking myself how it had come to this. One of my closest friends, about to be engulfed by a mystical ball of black nothingness, but why? Why?! The same one word question was gnawing at the back of my mind like an itch I couldn’t scratch, and irritating me more than the ignorance of the crowd. I looked around, and a few more people were going through the same thing, but my friend mattered more!

Speak to me!” I ran over and picked up her heavy head, the light banished from her eyes and the life in her voice destroyed.

Be warned, mission compromised…” She muttered with less tone than Lamia, and I shook her head violently, yelling at her to pull herself together, but it was no use. “I’ll miss you, Thanatos…” Her hand twitched as she said this, and Lamia looked at her, his soul making no connection with his face or body, as usual.

Persia, no… Be strong!” I hugged her tightly as the darkness began to shrink into a small ball in the centre of her darkened figure, and I shut my eyes so I wouldn’t have to watch my friend die before me. I felt the force burdening my arms become lighter and lighter until I was certain I felt nothing. “Why…” I sobbed softly, closing my hands in on each other and effectively hugging myself in a solemn mess on the floor. Why wasn’t my will enough to save her? I’m crying on the floor, asking why she had to leave, but fate was telling me I wasn’t enough.

Mitsuna. It’s fine.” Came an eerie, shaky voice from the right of me. It sounded familiar, but perhaps my mind was tormenting me. I opened my eyes, wiping the vision-obscuring tears from them, and was met by Lamia, who for the second time today offered me a hand. Accepting it, I pulled myself to my feet, and stood looking up at the sky, realising what everyone was talking about.

Is that…” Lamia asked, nudging me in the side of my body, but I was transfixed by the sight before me.

A void… in the sky..?” And it couldn’t have been anything else. There was a chink missing from the sky, the shape of a large shard of broken glass simply missing from the sky, and in it’s place the very same dark matter we saw on the green haired girl and on Persia. The darkness wasn’t seeping I to the planet, nor was it going away, it just sat there like a stain on the wall. “Hey! Wake up, I’m talking to you!” Two faded hands grabbed my sides, and forcefully turned me to face the owner of the hands, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “I’m strong anyway, what did you mean?” Persia said, her voice warped and spooky, but it was hers all the same.

B-but you were… getting sucked into… Never mind. Why are you see-through?” What was going on today? I had no idea why she was still alive, unless…

I can’t leave until Thanatos is mine! I’m not content until then!” And with that, she sank into the floor, leaving me to stare into the sky aimlessly, Lamia resting his hand on my right shoulder and looking up with me. I was ignoring the various people disappearing around me, the ignorance of those entranced by the sky had latched onto me, and I was determined to learn more. Questions raced through my mind, like ‘Why did Persia re-appear?’, ‘Why didn’t the green-haired girl disappear?’ ‘What’s going on with the sky?’ But most importantly…

‘Who’s next, and how do we save them?’

Something strange is going on, Mitsuna. And we’re going to find out what…”

Epilogue :

Today was strange, but predicted. That strange girl came in to speak to me about some creepy stalker she was worried about. Fairly common, but something about it stuck in my mind. I fear Purification may take a little longer than usual today, but that’s OK. I hope that the burden doesn’t become too much for everyone else. Those two from yesterday came back too, but neither wanted to talk to me. They were just loitering, by the looks of things. Also, there was a rip in the sky. It was pretty strange, but stranger things have happened. My parents told me I once that had a crush on a girl when I was 8. Certainly not. I think the Angelic Army will soon descend, for there are rumours that people are being wiped from existence. It sounds far-fetched, but who knows? Perhaps it’s happening right now, though I expected something a little more… Dramatic…