You’re pretty good at that…

So a lot of my tips kinda tell you to relate characters with reality, then distort them to you liking. In reality, we all can do something in particular that makes us unique, say for instance you may be a particularly good cook, or you have a way with words. Likewise you may also be absolutely terrible at something, like talking to new people, or a certain sport.

Tip of today’s post : Keep a diverse range on the abilities of your characters.

It’s a no brainer that more than one person in the world is a good cook, else we either wouldn’t eat or we’d have a very exhausted chef. 2 chefs may even specialise in the same meal. But both will go about things differently, even if it’s only a subtle difference.

Brought into storybook context, if you have two characters who wield electrical shurikens, for example’s sake, if they both went about using their abilities in the exact same way, it’d get a little boring to read about. Perhaps have one specialise in aerial combat and the other be a master of stealth, two different combat styles. From the way they throw the shurikens to how they intend to impact their target, change something up.

This could also apply to personality too; I see characters quite often that copy the personality of another down to their accent, and it’s not interesting or original. As the reader, something you haven’t seen before is craved; as the writer, something only you’ve seen, be it in your imagination or in real life, is what will work.

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I’m sorry, you gotta leave.

No, not you all. Please stay!

I mean that there’s somethings that you simply grow tired of. Like a relationship in which you feel you’re drifting apart from your other half, or a habit you just gotta kick because it’s getting in the way of your work or social life.

Tip of today’s post : Don’t work with ideas you grow bored of, but don’t throw them away.

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Keep your eyes peeled…

So this is for those of you with no idea for a story plot, character ideas or just aren’t feeling inspired enough to make something original. I’ve been at the point where your mind goes blank for the longest time, and you just can’t put words on the paper, or screen. But truth be told, there’s inspiration nearly everywhere, if you know exactly where to look.

Tip of today’s post : Try to take inspiration from the finer details of other things.

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Oh, what IS that..?

We all have something that makes us special. Something that lets our peers tell us apart from the other 7 billion human beings on Earth. But we also share enough common features to realise that we are of the same species. If we differentiated too much from one another, we’d soon fail to recognise one another as human.

Tip of today’s post : Choose your characters ‘defining features’ with caution.

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