Right, so it’s this wide…

How many times will you mistake my titles for something they’re not?


Tip of today’s post : Try figuring out physical details of a character before playing them.

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You thought you knew…

If any one reading this (Or rather, if anyone’s reading this) is like me and tries to predict every book they read, you’ll know the feeling of thinking something’s gonna happen, then it doesn’t and the story gets dragged on even further by a plot twist. I had a thought about this.

Tip of today’s post : Be crafty in the way you con your audience.

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Take a look around.

Something about Limp Bizkit rocking the set. I dunno.

But seriously, you ever take a moment to just absorb your surroundings? Sometimes you can spot something extremely miniscule that gets you thinking for hours, like a certain place design that you like, or an animal you see as you cross the road. No? Are you not a sponge too?

Tip of today’s post : Keep your eyes peeled, and take real-life things into consideration.

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