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Writing is closely associated with inspiration, because if we’re not feeling inspired, we can’t write to the best of our ability. It’s no secret that a lack of motivation can seriously inhibit your writing skills. But just where do we get inspiration on a whim?

Tip of today’s post: Find some quotes, song lyrics or words that you like.

“The darkest desires are heard only by the silent walls we build.”
-MantisScribeBlog 2016.

Something like that. Deep, meaningful and relatable are the types of quotes you wanna go for. You can really build a lot from a few short words this way, heck, most blurbs on books are essentially quotes that sum up the story in some way.

Perhaps from this quote, you symbolise walls throughout the story you tell of a young character who hides a dark desire by masking it with a light personality. Closed doors and broken walls could be really effective symbolism in such a story.

Now unless I go off on a tangent and give you a psychology lesson on how quotes can motivate, there’s not much more I can really say, except to go look for some famous quotes, or to really listen to the songs on your phone. The quotes that’ll be of the most use to you will truly stand out.

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Physics say this…

… Story writers say otherwise. Isn’t it great to be bound by no limitations when you’re writing? We can effectively manipulate anything from gravity to the number of letters in the alphabet, heck, we can even conjure up a completely new language, with the patience and effort put in.

Tip of today’s post: Mess around with parts of your characters, namely the parts you’d be interested in finding an alternative for.

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Have faith, man!

Warning: This is information you probably already know. I felt it was necessary to give my input. If you aren’t feeling too confident, I wanna help out.

Turns out I found a really generic but successful story destroyer. I’m gonna sound like one of those ads you see on the side of your Facebook page, but at least I’m being, what I think, is perfectly honest. And I also think it’s the biggest barrier that creativity has to break down.

Tip of today’s post : If it’s original, it’s good. Don’t believe otherwise!

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