Are you overthinking it?

So we all like depth in a novel. We want something deep enough to take us away from reality and immerse ourselves into someone else’s world. Bu it also needs to be close enough to reality for two reasons: So we can relate to it, and so we can easily come back to reality when we need to.

Tip of today’s post : Avoid deviating too far from what your target audience is familiar with.

I’m implying here that writing something that no-one is able to relate themselves to is pointless. Be it a kid’s dream to fight dragons and goblins, or simply a perfect love story that we wish could happen in real life, (Eugh, how soppy.) it has to be something we as human beings can appreciate and understand.

Of course, we want something different to the dull, drab lives we lead day in day out. For some of us, it’s a fantasy world filled with superpowers, others it’s a calm, lax place where it’s ok to be who you are. Heck for some, it’s where it’s not ok to be who you are. Dystopian stories really hit the spot for some.

However, if we create something we fail to see as alluring (Because at the end of the day, words on paper have a mysterious charm that no-one can describe), we are unable to enjoy the story, and we’re forced back into reality all too soon. And who wants that?

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