Yourself. Pt.1

Dear Dia- Nope.

Not a chance, it’s cliché and stupidly cheesy. God forbid someone reads this and sees “Dear Diary.” Bored before they’ve even begun reading. Not that anyone will see this anyway.

I’m supposed to be myself when writing these entries, but I’m not sure how to be myself. Especially not in writing. All I know is if I’m not working hard, I’m writing. And if I’m not writing, I’m playing video games.

If you hadn’t guessed, I’m not a flower that grows in the field with the others. I flourish alone. Kinda like a fungus in the dark. I value my alone time; I can write stories without worrying about the outside world if I avoid the people causing problems.

I’m also supposed to write about my day, but it’s nothing interesting, or rather, nothing you’d care about. Just me writing and gaming.

Random fact: My sister, 14, works full-time legally. Somehow started her own, successful psychiatrist business. I suppose it was needed though, I hear she gets lots of customers..? Would they be called that? Well, I digress, they flock in complaining about intense emotional trauma that seems to have no real cause.

Maybe they should just hide away from everyone else, then they wouldn’t have anything, or more precisely, anyone to get emotionally upset with. Be nice if we had some island to escape from it all, with a nice view of a sunset on the horizon, and no real world problems to worry about (save for sunburn and gaining weight). I suppose that’s our equivalent of imagination and dreams. We can just indulge in a book or something to escape.

Difficult for me to do that though. I have very specific tastes in an imaginary world, hence why my collection of games and books is scarce. Any incorrect detail can throw me off and back into reality. I suppose it depends on what I’m expecting in a read. I dunno, it’s confusing.

Man, you really think you know everything about yourself until you question it. We as humans even assume stuff about ourselves.

Well, depth begone. I will return tomorrow, though tomorrow seems like a stretch, for reasons I don’t know.

The name below is illegible.




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