I swear if you pay close enough attention, you can see that your morals and standards are tested everyday. I’ve seen proclaimed vegetarians buying and eating cheap meat, claiming that it’s not real meat and is only processed. But a few days before that you scowled at it’s seller as we left the food shop.

It’s the same with me. Not so much me being a vegetarian, but more so simpler things like the things I say to people. I like to think I’m no different when I text people, but something just feels different about the way I write from the way I speak.

I worry I come across as more demanding or intimidating when typing, yet I try not to be either of those.

Well, either way, you’re here for the juicy bit. A pickup truck blew up last night near my friend’s house. Which happens to be near my house. At 3AM in the morning.

Yeah, try sleeping through that sound. So of course me being the nosey what-so-ever I am, I got up and went to go see it. And was it a sight to behold.

The fence in front of it was completely burned down, charred planked scattered around the impact zone. (I assume it hit something, because the bonnet was pummelled in.) Debris from the car and fence were launched into the windows and wall of the house it was in front of.

The oddest thing is though, is that no-one was hurt. Someone must have been driving, because the handbrake was off and the keys were in the car, meaning the owner would have been locked out otherwise.

I’ll give you more on it tomorrow; I like to keep this concise.



Read yesterday’s entry. Dunno what the heck came over me, it was like I just started some controversial debate. I’m writing a journal, it doesn’t need to get this deep. Am I doing this wrong? It feels like I’m doing it wrong.

Anyway, more about my day. Played more video games. Did more writing. Nyx was online today, so I played that game with them. Pretty fun, to be fair. Turns out Nyx is pretty competitive, behind all his deep, meaningful talk. Seeing Nyx angry at a game is quite odd.

As for the writing, well that’s a secret. I can’t tell anyone about what I’ve been writing about, not even myself. Partially because I like to keep my ideas a secret.

Mainly because I don’t have any idea what the heck my ideas mean.

Enough of that though. My sister paid the family a visit today. The instant she saw me, I was embraced in her arms. Ugh, claustrophobia. Ugh, people. Not that I don’t appreciate it; hardly anyone shows me that kind of affection. She’s sleeping the night, so I have to be extra careful writing this.

But something about her is just naturally soothing. Looking into her eyes alone is almost hypnotic. I swear she just carries this aura that tells your brain “It’s gonna be ok.” It’s easy to see how she got her job at such a young age.


Just a quick update to say thanks to everyone who’s stuck around and to those who are new to my blog!

I’ve noticed that since I started writing “Yourself”, the visitors to my blog have increased dramatically, and it’s really nice to know that what I’m doing is being seen and appreciated by others. It really does mean the world to me!

Maybe little updates like this will help me post more often, so there’s more of an insight into my own person. But heck, I’m not all that interesting, so don’t fall asleep!

Stay tuned..? I suppose, for more content, may have more writing advice coming up. Who knows what the future will bring to my sleepy blog?



So I’m a day late with this. Hectic week it’s been without internet, having to do everything and be everywhere to keep track of everything. Comes to show me how much I actually rely on technology; without it we’d be goners. How’d people put up mere decades ago without having a phone in their pockets?

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