Warning: Rant alert.

Seems like everyone’s just lost the will to live in my class. Grades weren’t great and only a few people felt they did decently. I was one of those. But gosh, being surrounded by a bunch of people who all just act like they wanna end their lives makes you wanna slap them all in the face.

Now I understand that it’s ok to be bummed out about not doing as well as you’d hoped. If anything, I think it’s natural. But to get so worked up over it that you lose the will to make it better again seems relatively pointless and serves only to depress yourself and those around you.

All it takes is to see what the problem is, and to work around it accordingly. I know someone’ll say “But it’s not always that simple”, but in reality, it is. Your partner left you? Find out why and act accordingly. You might think you want them back, but is having them back really the best scenario? Your boss fired you? Find a new job, or prove to the boss why you should have your old job back.

I’m a naïve and stubborn person, huh?

I just think that moping around won’t solve anything. And it’s highly likely that these people know this, so why do they continue to do it? Beats me. Perhaps they want sympathy?

Hurts my brain to think about it. Good night.




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