What do you do when two people you love disagree with one another? I’ve always backed away from the argument, keeping myself as uninvolved as possible. But when it’s you grandparents… It’s unbearable to see them so distant from one another.

Worst part is that I don’t even know why they’re fighting. I’m “Too young to understand”. Sick of hearing that nonsense; I’m fully capable of comprehending this, I’m certain.

Heh, guess I’m naïve too. Maybe I’m just too worried about someone getting hurt that I wanna control the entire situation to make things work out. But you put the fool in front of the controls, and they’ll press the red button and the world’s devoured by a nuclear inferno.

Maybe I’m right to stay away from it. I know that simply turning a blind eye to the matter won’t make the issue go away. But if I’m not supposed to be involved, then why should I intervene?

Maybe I should surrender my mentality to my story writing for a while. Clear my head of the stresses of this world, and replace them with the thoughts of the world I do control.

Well, sleep is the remedy for tonight. Good night.



Wow. I’ve just come to realise that it’s not the bigger problems in life that drive us insane, but the smaller ones that we think we can solve. What’s that, you lost your kid in a car accident and need me right now? Tell me later, I can’t find my car keys; I’ll be late for work if I keep talking.

How much guilt do you feel when you hang up the phone on that person?

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Up too late to be writing like this, but never mind. 2AM should be nothing for a gamer, right?

I suppose it is my fault; I’m way too hooked on this game Nyx showed me, and it’s not good. Well, the game’s good, but it’s not having the greatest impact on my life, shall we say. I mean, sleep deprivation isn’t good for anyone.

Tell you what else isn’t good for me, my hand recovering slower than my social life develops. I miss baseball, dammit. And I don’t wanna go back to practise being the rusty person who lets the team down with silly mistakes.It’s like watching paint dry; the more you focus on waiting for it to dry, the slower it does. And it feels like an eternity passed, and I’ve been waiting for another.

But then again, am I even missed at practise? I never got close to anyone who goes there, and I’m not exactly the stay player anyway (Hence having to practise), so I can only adopt the optimistic approach and believe that they do miss having me around.

Of course, I’m not always so “The future’s so bright!” about everything. I genuinely do feel more than concerned for my sister. Her work has to be taking it’s toll in some way, yet she’s as relaxed as a river. Scares me to think what the person sat beside you in class could be hiding. What the woman who took care of you your whole life won’t tell you.

What the person you admire from afar is fighting in defence of their life.

I’m too tired for this, drowsiness makes me all deep. No-one needs that. Good night.