There’s a certain feeling you get when you’re supposed to be at home at 2:30, and you end up home at 9:30. If I were a vampire my skin would be burnt to a pile of ashes that would scatter in the wind, lighting an inferno wherever they may scatter.

Those ashes happened to scatter within a larger radius, meaning I’ve been all over the place today. Everything has been so higgledy-piggledy that I forget what I even did with my day. I remember eating, having a friend over, and my friend being punched in the face. On accident.

Don’t ask how it happened. I’m still trying to piece it together myself.

So now I’m home, writing this, resting my aching legs and writing.

Oh that does remind me, another car decided it wanted to blow up. This one was in the middle of the road though, and actually caused a bit of a blockage. No-one seemed to care though, but what else did I expect?

Now, what else to write about..?

I’m sorry, I don’t really have much else to say today. I’ll compensate next time, I promise.




One thought on “Yourself

  1. I admire that you write even when you don’t feel like saying much…that’s real…I am working on that, given my tendency to write only when I have the time and urge to write a full post. But, you’ve shown me that it’s nice to hear even a little from familiar voices…thanks for sharing 🙂


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