Things have been rather lacking in inspirational power as of late, and I’ve been slacking in all areas of my writing. Stories, documentation- heck, even my ability to log into my PC has just gone out the window.

But it’s ok, I’ll never let my own laziness be an acceptable excuse. Sure, honesty is the best policy, but honesty doesn’t make anything any less pejorative.

As of my day, well nothing of interest really happened, so instead I’ll tell you a short story I heard:

Golden, luscious warriors envelop the coastline, armed with nothing but their own determination to put a stop to the cavalry of purity that fast approaches them. The light from above has already been taken hostage by dark grey cotton, and re-inforcements threatens to be air-dropped in. Like kamikaze pilots, they will fall with unrelenting might to impale, crush and obliterate all who stand in their way, but that never stops our soldiers. Our heroes of joy and innocence. Sure, their fortresses architecture may be the result of a child’s imagination combined with a plastic house and gravedigger, but that is exactly why they must defend. No surrender, there will be no defeat. Not this time.

Then without warning, the oracle above takes a firm grip of the very planet. It taps it with it’s wrinkly, war-torn fingers, then-. The tide turns. The horses become violent, moving in waves of unstoppable force, and the might of our army is reduced to nothing. Blanketed in defeat, they know that entropy will always triumph, but the tide will soon tip in their own favour. The horses will retreat, having not made it far enough to destroy the only thing the army has left to protect. Ironically, this is the very life-force that will be the demise of both combatants. But they have no choice but to fight, for if they stopped, Theophrastus himself would have history re-written to ensure this war ravages the lives of horse and soldier alike. 

And tomorrow, there will be no resting, for the see-saw of war oscillates perpetually.



Taken to writing these a little earlier as of recent. I generally tend to fall asleep more easily these days, so in order to avoid slipping under that particular spell before I’ve done this, I’ve had to write when I’m not about to sleep. I guess I’m saving electricity by not needing my bedside lamp on?

Went out with a friend today, did nothing but talk the hours away. We spoke about the victims of that tower fire not so long ago, the car-crash that killed those people, and the concert. So much death and terror concentrated into one place. None of those places are  a long drive from where I live.

After that, they slept on my shoulder for a bit then I went home. Interestingly enough, you can see everyone just glaring at cars as they decelerate to turn a corner. Nobody trusts anyone anymore, or so it seems. Dystopian? Nah, people are still able to talk and eat and sleep at night as if nothing’s wrong. The sun shines brightly, burning everyone beneath it. Had I shown any skin going out I’d have melted like a vampire.

Feels like I’m just counting down the days for the next incident. Sure, I could turn to some conspiracy and be like: “We’re being targeted, we’re all gonna die!” I don’t believe that for a second.




Ahh, the lazy day. Arguably the best and worst day to have. You just decide “Eh, can’t be bothered with anything today.” and just sit at home doing whatever. In my case, writing.

Or at least planning for something new I’m writing. I’m trying to keep everything in line this time, so if I this one turns out like everything else I’ve written thus far, I won’t need to spend so much time thinking of what to write next.

Shame, really. It’s a nice day out today. Sun’s shining, a nice breeze seeps through the open windows, the curtains flowing aside to let it in, no need to get up to pull the little ball chain that activates my ceiling fan. If only such a zephyr would cook my food and clean my clothes.

To be perfectly honest, it would have been perfectly acceptable at that point to just fall asleep, but I decided against it.

Something has been on my mind a lot today though. I read in a paper that humans are resilient enough to adapt to any situation, given enough time. Yet all we do is complain about change. Just like me today. It felt pretty alien to just say “Why bother?” and get on with something that actually interested me.


Last time, I wrote about the weather and how it’s basically got my unconditional love. Today I read it. What kinda journal entry is that?

It looked like something out of- well, I don’t even know what it looked like. Maybe out of place. But still, it got me writing for a bit, and that’s what’s important? I guess so. I’ve been very lazy as of recent, sort of reverting back to my old ways.

Texting my friends is much more convenient than going out to meet them, and I’m too nervous to call them as I don’t like to disrupt them. So sending each other strings of Unicode characters suffices just fine.

I’ve also been working on a new story. Of course, I’m not willing to share the details, that would be against my way of work. That being said, it has given me something to do with my time, save for making notes I never use and playing more video games.

Nyx, if you were wondering, hasn’t been online for a long time now. Shame, they were a lot of fun.

I have to leave in an hour, food isn’t going to buy itself. Shop online, you say? No. They substitute items they haven’t got in stock. Enough said.





I was told today by a friend that I use pathetic fallacy too much in my writing. Specifically, they said “You’re obsessed with the rain!”  I disagree.

I’m fascinated by the weather, and I don’t know why. I love abstract weather, such as heat waves, eclipses (If they’re even weather, I don’t really know), blizzards, I just love them. There’s so much you can infer from them used in a piece of literature. But it’s not only that.

Weather in real life is cool too. All people do is complain about the weather, and it’s quite sad. Today, it was raining quite heavily, after yesterday in which the sun shimmered brightly over the city. “Ugh, why’s it so hot? Like, there’s no shade, or I wouldn’t mind it!” Yeah. Always gotta complain about something.

Leave all your electronics at home and take a walk out in the rain. Wear some clothes you don’t mind getting wet, but make sure you don’t take an umbrella. It’s the most refreshing thing you can do, next to actually waking up after a good night’s sleep.

Or if it’s really windy, just stand from an elevated place and stretch your arms out. You know, just make sure you don’t fall. There’s just something truly magical about the weather, and all we do is pick out it’s flaws.

It’s something I notice everyday:
“Oh, the weather’s just as nice as yesterday.”
“Little rainier than before, nice.”

So when you tell me I overuse it in my writing, I just shrug and walk away. And hope it rains on your pretty little face.


About the inactivity. There’s been far too much going on in my life as of recent, and I’ve either not had time to blog, or have simply forgotten to. Either way, it’s my bad.

I’ll likely blog again tomorrow, hopefully you all have stuck around despite my neglect. But this is just a quick update that I feel you all deserve after being left in the dark for 3 days. As soon as time presents itself, I’ll give ‘Yourself’ a little more of the love it deserves.

I can only apologise for my lack of activity though, things just get in the way sometimes.