Sickness is clearing up, thank the deities above. I actually want to get up in the mornings again…

Wait, do I? Yeah, I guess so. I’m not exactly living a dream or know what I want to live for yet, but hey, I’ll find out. Hoping to get my writing back on track, but I tell myself that every time. Maybe it’s slow production rate is actually on track for me.

I want so much to continue the stories I’m writing, but every time I prioritise other things. Namely, gaming. I need some way to cut down on it; it’s literally my drug right now. I long for the day I get bored of them again, getting back into them has taken it’s toll for certain.

Maybe I should cut internet access from my PC for a week and use my phone for searches and social business that shouldn’t be important. Or perhaps I should try to improve my doctor-esque handwriting and start writing on some lined paper.

Either way, I need to get more writing done. I don’t want to get too bored of it, cause it’s all I have going for me, and it’s not much. So many variables, and I can’t decide which are the ones I should be debugging for logic errors. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong anymore.


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