Where do I begin today? I know, remember how I said my illness was wearing off? Yeah, seems it’s just devolved into stomach cramps instead. Not very fun, especially when I’m trying to focus on other things that need doing, for instance cleaning my room. That didn’t get done, big surprise.

It’s bearable though, with the occasional growl from my stomach even when I’m blatantly not hungry. It’s usually just a load of concentrated pain that subsides after an hour or so.

But enough of that. Today I got an eerie text from a friend who never speaks to me. I won’t go into detail (It’s a text, private business until we both say otherwise,) but I can say I’ll definitely be calling them up later on to check up on them.

In completely unrelated news, I managed to fit more time in for my writing. Not that I’ve actually done any, save for this today. I need to get my mind focused on it again, re-kindle my passion for it. Or rather, lose my passion for video gaming.

It’s such a pointless thing but it consumes so much of my time, because I’m practically infatuated with them. And that’s bad.

No I will not go outside.


One thought on “Yourself

  1. I know what it’s like to have a lull in writing…I didn’t write anything (for my blog) for a month after writing posts three days in a row (when I had a long weekend). No need to worry though…writing will find you in its time, it always comes back. Having resumed writing, I am as enthusiastic as ever…try not to feel pressured. It’s wonderful to hear from you–I’m so glad I scrolled my reader long enough to see you 🙂


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