Things have slowed down significantly in my life as of recent, and as a result it’s hard to actually write about what’s going on.  Suppose I could say that two friends fell out and will probably never speak to one another again, but that’s none of my business and I could be wrong about it.

My writing is (Kinda?) back on track, managed to get several pages done in one day, something I haven’t done in a very long time. Something in my head is trying to click at the moment; I should be doing what’s actually productive and good for me, yaddah yaddah. I defy that thought out of spite.

Almost forgot I was actually heading off to the seaside again in a few days. A friend graciously offered to take me with them, and I was not gonna say no to that, let me tell you. Time away from my PC is just what I need, and I’ve only been abroad on holiday for more than one day once that I can remember, as part of a school trip.

Gotta get packing for that very soon. But if I know me, I’ll leave it to the last minute.



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