It’s been a while since I took a trip to the spooky side of the planet. No, not the outdoors. Went to a friend’s house and we stuck on some creepy video game… videos. Walked home in the darkness and the paranoia felt great. Made me wanna check every corner I turned.

Ghosts, vampires, spectres, even a sudden chill in the zephyr that keeps your room cool. It’s terrifying but I love it. Like a kid who first picks up a butter knife; Even though it does no damage, and is incapable of doing so, the mere thought of the danger just fills you with something… indescribable.

When you’re in that kinda mood, when your body feels the atmosphere right up to the tips of your standing body hair, EVERYTHING scares you. The creaky door handle, the barking dog that lives next door, even the kitchen light that flickers as it turns itself on in response to the clap of your hands.

I started out writing about horror. I abandoned the original idea (Kinda) but kept all the writing I did. 150 pages of it, and I used to regret it because it was awful. But I feel like I can make it readable if I put the motivation into it.

Now, where does one buy motivation…?


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