Seems my life is the only one to be moving slowly these days. Friends going on holidays, school starting for the younger kids soon, my relatives getting on the wrong side of the law… Yeah, my life’s boring.

I’m kinda glad for it though. I don’t want to get involved with any of this drama, and I’m quite happy being holed up in my room away from it all. Because if I’m not, I have no time to write, which is (As you can tell) scarcely happening as it is.

Anyway. I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate a week in which I don’t touch any form of video game. When and how I plan to do this, I don’t know, but I do know that not getting your fix of drugs can make you quite irritable. I’ve been camping recently, I can manage. Probably.

I remember when I first started writing; I’d open some word processor on my phone and just write away. Now that I have a PC, I’ve become quite finicky about using my phone. Maybe I should try to use it again.


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