Excuse the tardiness (Once again,) I just feel like there’s not enough going on in my life anymore to write down. After the tsunami of just… nonsense that life has been throwing my way, the tide seems to have settled down, and as a result nothing interesting is happening as of current.

Now obviously this affects my ability to write about it. “Oh, I got up. Went shopping, what a blast! Had an argument over the best flavour of crisps. Slept.” I don’t wanna read that when I go back and look at this again someday.

So I’m gonna stop forcing myself to write here every four days. It’s just become stressful and unentertaining for myself. I’ll likely only write about things in my life that interest me from now on, just so that I actually feel empowered to write and have something worth two minutes of my time reading.

I never was a journal type of person, but for a time, this interested me. I don’t get that same vibe anymore, nothing in my blood screams out to me “I want to do this.”


So perhaps I’ll bring something new to my blog, because I feel like I’m letting people down with this. Maybe something a little more tailored to myself, such as story writing again, or just whatever interests me.  Of course this “series” will continue, just with more delays to make it the best it can possibly be. To me, “Yourself” has become quite boring and stale, and I hate seeing that.

So look forward to improved posts soon, and potentially a new sort of blog idea. Thanks to everyone who understands and has supported me thus far, I hope you’ll continue on with me, regardless how slow the ride may be.


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