Excuse the tardiness (Once again,) I just feel like there’s not enough going on in my life anymore to write down. After the tsunami of just… nonsense that life has been throwing my way, the tide seems to have settled down, and as a result nothing interesting is happening as of current.

Now obviously this affects my ability to write about it. “Oh, I got up. Went shopping, what a blast! Had an argument over the best flavour of crisps. Slept.” I don’t wanna read that when I go back and look at this again someday.

So I’m gonna stop forcing myself to write here every four days. It’s just become stressful and unentertaining for myself. I’ll likely only write about things in my life that interest me from now on, just so that I actually feel empowered to write and have something worth two minutes of my time reading.

I never was a journal type of person, but for a time, this interested me. I don’t get that same vibe anymore, nothing in my blood screams out to me “I want to do this.”


So perhaps I’ll bring something new to my blog, because I feel like I’m letting people down with this. Maybe something a little more tailored to myself, such as story writing again, or just whatever interests me.  Of course this “series” will continue, just with more delays to make it the best it can possibly be. To me, “Yourself” has become quite boring and stale, and I hate seeing that.

So look forward to improved posts soon, and potentially a new sort of blog idea. Thanks to everyone who understands and has supported me thus far, I hope you’ll continue on with me, regardless how slow the ride may be.



Tomorrow my siblings go back to school again for their next year. The house is gonna be quiet, that’s for sure, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Means if I’m at home during those times I can actually get a little more work done.

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So life just hit me like a ton of bricks, hence why I haven’t been posting recently. And these aren’t your regular house bricks, I mean those huge concrete ones they use to build schools these days. So yeah, writing has been the last thing on my mind as of recent, and only now have I regained the urge to do write.

It’s nothing I’m gonna talk about. Not only do I not want to even remotely think about it, but the issue has been resolved and there’s no point continuing to dwell on it. After all it only makes sense to look in the direction my life is going, not the path my footprints are already stained on.

Naturally, with the past four days of my life being taken up completely, I really have nothing else interesting to tell. I just thought I’d use this is my way of apologising for neglecting this and to dismiss any concerns. I’m not going to stop doing this, so long as it still interests me. Which it does.



It’s been a while since I took a trip to the spooky side of the planet. No, not the outdoors. Went to a friend’s house and we stuck on some creepy video game… videos. Walked home in the darkness and the paranoia felt great. Made me wanna check every corner I turned.

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Was considering writing yesterday night when I got back, but I was very tired. Wanted to sleep on an actual bed. in a house with central heating, rather than an airbed in a tent. Was great to be behind brick walls again.

We had a fun time though, most fun I’ve had in a short while. Time away from my PC was just what I needed… even though I’m now glued to it again. Save me.

But then again, not much beats a short walk on the beach every night, the occasional swim in the water when it doesn’t freeze you to your bones. It was cold, windy and humid, but I liked it. The sun setting over the crimson sea that stretched out to the horizon as far as the eye could see was somewhat breath-taking. You get an entirely different feel than from Google images.

Tell you what is strange though; It’s strange to think that when you sit on the sand, staring out just above the ocean, you’re staring at another coastline that you can’t see. And it’s likely that someone on that coastline is glaring right back at you, perhaps even waving in the wind… and you’d never know about it.

Pull up a map, and the countries don’t look too far apart. So it’s kinda crazy to stare up from that map and see just how much of a difference the 1cm : 5km ratio makes.


Things have slowed down significantly in my life as of recent, and as a result it’s hard to actually write about what’s going on.  Suppose I could say that two friends fell out and will probably never speak to one another again, but that’s none of my business and I could be wrong about it.

My writing is (Kinda?) back on track, managed to get several pages done in one day, something I haven’t done in a very long time. Something in my head is trying to click at the moment; I should be doing what’s actually productive and good for me, yaddah yaddah. I defy that thought out of spite.

Almost forgot I was actually heading off to the seaside again in a few days. A friend graciously offered to take me with them, and I was not gonna say no to that, let me tell you. Time away from my PC is just what I need, and I’ve only been abroad on holiday for more than one day once that I can remember, as part of a school trip.

Gotta get packing for that very soon. But if I know me, I’ll leave it to the last minute.



Where do I begin today? I know, remember how I said my illness was wearing off? Yeah, seems it’s just devolved into stomach cramps instead. Not very fun, especially when I’m trying to focus on other things that need doing, for instance cleaning my room. That didn’t get done, big surprise.

It’s bearable though, with the occasional growl from my stomach even when I’m blatantly not hungry. It’s usually just a load of concentrated pain that subsides after an hour or so.

But enough of that. Today I got an eerie text from a friend who never speaks to me. I won’t go into detail (It’s a text, private business until we both say otherwise,) but I can say I’ll definitely be calling them up later on to check up on them.

In completely unrelated news, I managed to fit more time in for my writing. Not that I’ve actually done any, save for this today. I need to get my mind focused on it again, re-kindle my passion for it. Or rather, lose my passion for video gaming.

It’s such a pointless thing but it consumes so much of my time, because I’m practically infatuated with them. And that’s bad.

No I will not go outside.